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  1. I keep seeing these gray squares What are...they...?
  2. Speaking of SPAM, I don't want my email address distributed and slammed with SPAM.
  3. How do I sign up for the CODE RED service?
  4. What are the Coach D Park Rules


I keep seeing these gray squares.  What are they supposed to be?

The gray squares represent places where a JAVA applets exists.  In some cases JAVA scripts are simply decorative or entertaining.  At this site you will find java applets for navigational buttons, news, and other features.

If you are only seeing gray squares you either do not have the JAVA PLUG-IN, you haven't install it properly, or you have the incorrect version for your web browser.

We recommend getting the JAVA plug-in since it is used at MANY Internet sites for many application and at sometime you WILL want and need it.  To get your JAVA download please visit the SUN website at: http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and follow the instructions from the software provider.  You can even verify your installation right there at their web site.

Once you have JAVA installed you'll be able to see more, do more, enjoy more.

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If I sign-up for the mailing list I don't want to get flooded with SPAM.

We HATE SPAM! And we know that you do too.  In the future when we initialize our mailing list you will have to OPT-IN (intentionally, not with some sneaky little button pre-set) to the list.  We can't guarantee that you will never get SPAM but our respect for your privacy assures you that we never sell, share, trade or otherwise distribute your email address OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION that you provide.  The privacy policy and devices that we have in place greatly reduce the risk of your email address entering the "SPAM STREAM"...at least, in regards to your use of this web site. 

We recommend that you get a self-managed spam filtering program on your computer; "self-managed" is better as you are less like to loose email that you DO want to receive since you are in control.

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How do I sign up for the CODE RED service?

The Code Red Service is a rapid, direct response system for emergency notifications and broadcast of other important community information.  Listed phone numbers will be notified but if you use or prefer contact via cell phone or email please use the link below to submit information to Code Red.  (Note: this is just for Eminence residents and does not have any connection to service provided elsewhere.)



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What are the Coach D Park Rules?

You can find the Park Rules here.

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